No, “Diversity” isn’t the problem with Star Trek Discovery. I just wanted to get that out of the way in case someone decides to make this about gender or race. It’s not. It just sucks. CBS does however use gender and race to excuse the fact that they seem to have created a show with no real characters or plot. Maybe since the main characters in the first two episodes are both women, I’m supposed to ignore the fact that they are having an argument more fitting of an episode of Real Housewives. Now I did actually like the captain, or at least the actress they chose for the part. Too bad her decision to make Michael her first officer (and to let her back on duty after committing mutiny) really ruins the actual character.

This brilliant meme really sums up the issues with the plot:

star trek discovery bad plot meme

Now, about Michael Burnham.

I will never be able to comprehend why the writers chose to set up the character of Michael so poorly. I mean, they  made her commit mutiny backed by the worst reasoning they could possibly come up with and in turn, completely trash all potential credibility and likability of the character. Then somehow, they still expect the audience to actually follow the “hero’s” story? What a bunch of crap writing!

I only watched the second episode to witness the inevitable backlash Michael had to deal with from failing to take over the ship. Seeing her get sentenced to life in prison was immensely satisfying. Even with the crappy un-Star-Trek-like lighting for that scene, it was easily my favorite. In my version of cannon, she rots in prison. Want a real woman in Star Trek? Stay away from Michael and see Captain Janeway, Lt. Torres, and Seven of Nine in Voyager or Major Kira and Dax in Deep Space Nine. And don’t even get me started on the amazing character arc of Councelor Troi in Next Generation.

Also, I should probably mention the “Klingons…” I’d say they reminded me of orcs from Middle Earth, but I wouldn’t want to insult the orcs. But forget the costumes, their cringey way of speaking, and the completely garbage dialogue for a moment. They could have gone to any star trek convention in the country and found better actors to play them. The Klingon parts were hard to watch for so many reasons, but I couldn’t help but feel the actors hated dressing up like fake Klingons just as much as I hated watching them. There was absolutely no passion there. I started skipping through the Klingon parts because I couldn’t handle the cringe. It felt like I was watching a cheap sci-fi rip-off of Star Trek. Anyways, this show sucks and I’m sick of writing about it. Go watch The Orville. Their cast has a gay couple and a bunch more diversity if you care about that sort of thing, only they don’t need to brag about it to make up for poor writing or unlikeable characters.

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  • Yeah, it’s shit. Another franchise ruined by some no-talent hacks with zero regard for tradition, continuity or understanding of their audience.

    This could have been a new franchise and they could have done whatever they wanted and I wouldn’t have questioned anything. They’d have a mediocre foundation they could eventually turn into an interesting series.

    If this makes more than 2 or 3 seasons it’ll be forced to promote the agenda.

      • Not simply knows the material, but has respect for the original material.
        JJ Abramhov has no respect, just knowledge

        • Abrams is a clueless hack that actually used a plot device as a character in the first star trek he directed. The entire movie was a nonsensical farce.

          • JJA is a person with three names, like the person who assassinated Dr Martin Luther King– Clearly bad person. But yeah, he makes terrible things. In my opinion it seems like his whole pitch for his “new take” on Star Trek was “what if it was star trek”, and I’m not really joking.

            Discovery and Picard are definitely in the same vein I feel like, exchanging logic for explosions and I really wish it wasn’t so fucking cliche.

        • Discovery irritates me to the max. I keep visualizing a tableful of writers making a brand new ‘Lassie’ series and the conversation goes a bit like this: Writer 1 : ” Ok ! we are all in agreement that bringing back Lassie as a series will excite children and even the Baby Boomers who grew up with Jeff or Timmy and Lassie. But First we need to update Lassie … Writer 2 : ” Lets firstly make the premise that the characters live in Australia … “Lassie is a Kangaroo and strictly a Lobo, a lone wolf who avoids people at all cost!” Writer 3: “And a terrific new twist is that Lassie has so little intelligence making comedic logic mistakes at least 3 times per
          episode ! Writer 4: ” Oh this is exciting guys! So many will be so glad to see Lassie returning to tv ! (To me,a similar conversation must certainly have occurred with the Discovery writers …. Absolutely zero relationship to any past StarTrek except they stole the Trek name … )

      • Hi. For ke, what readability annoyed me was how quickly Burnham dropped her Vulcan cultural upbringing to turn into another whiney human. OK, looking at this from.The far.side of the third.season, but come on! A bit of internal conflict between her human nature and her Vulcan childhood should have been apparent. And she made far.too many decisions based on gut emotion.

        • Totally agree! I was really looking forward to Discovery exploring the dynamic of having a human raised on Vulcan in the Vulcan way. It quickly turned into little more than an afterthought.

        • I agree. What happened to the Vulcan influence and characterization that was so visible in the first several episodes? Seems like that was thrown away for the most part except for infrequent references.

          • The writers on this show should never work again. All the characters do is CRY. ALL THE TIME ! stop with the touchy feeling crap. There aren’t many likable characters on the show. Burnham is the worst starfleet officer EVER. I do like the captain pike angle and am looking forward to that show. Hopefully the writing improves and more hopefully , an agenda DOES NOT get force fed to me while I try to escape to outer space for an hour

      • Would be nice to watch a show about Sci-fi ,cool scifi stuff and not the gay chippendales Trek drama
        Most scifi fans could care less about the love interest of anybody gay ,alien or not and would like the show to focus more on aliens ,tech and pure scifi and save the drama for soap Operas in the afternoon. If we wanted soap Operas we wouldn’t be into scifi.

        • That is what turned me away from it. Every cut to the engine room wasn’t a dive into how the propulsion system worked, but another time-wasting whining session about how they’re being persecuted for their sexual preferences. Once in awhile is a good reminder that being gay is ok, but those characters play the victim roles EVERY.GODDAMMED.WEEK!

        • You are correct. Gays, lesbians and trannys. Diversity for the sake of diversity. This is one boring Star Trek. Mandalorian way better, but got to get that mini Yoda outta there.

          • You just mixed up your Star Wars and your Star Treks; but don’t worry it happens all the time, even Jj====A did it but for a whole movie, no wait it was three movies.

            Was Mandalorian[sic] good? It just seems you can only do so much with a show where the person WEARS a helmet the entire show that covers their face.

            You know since, like humans, especially acting humans, but really all of us, use our eyes, and eyebrows, and muscles in the face, to express emotion. Actually I read a scientific article recently saying its something along 20-30 percent of language is actual sound becoming words. Is this a common argument? Because I feel like I’m going crazy and I haven’t heard this mentioned.

    • I agreed with you all beside there shouldn,t gay future .DNA should be change in future and people will pick norbale kid

      • my guy, you make zero sense. being gay, or any sexuality isnt a genetic flaw, and if you mean what i think you mean, using crispr to edit genes has been debated and decided as inhumane and immoral. regardless, being gay isnt a flaw and in no intergalactic, alien space federation universe would “erasing gay dna” be a priority, nor would be increasing human population.
        notwithstanding, the show isnt the greatest.

        • beeing gay is by definition a flaw that doesnt allow you to procreate.
          its not just a sexual preference it also goes against basic human instincs of preserving your genetic line

          • Pray tell where one would find an official definition of the word gay that denotes that it is a flaw in the DNA of a human being. It is a DIFFERENCE. Does it detract from them being a human? No. Can they still preserve their genetic line? Yes. Being gay doesn’t make you sterile. It doesn’t remove your desire or your instinct to have children. Don’t be so ignorant.

          • In your future where you edit minutiae of sexual preference for a better future; are we also removing asexuals because they dont breed? While we are at it, just get rid of men, woman already have enough chromosome and technology allows us to make sperm.

    • STD is beyond horrible. It is an excruciatingly politically correct exercise in tedium. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to Roddenberry’s master work. I would (honestly!) rather have a root canal than sit through a whole episode.

      • I agree.

        STD is beyond horrible. It is an excruciatingly politically correct exercise in tedium. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to Roddenberry’s master work. I would (honestly!) rather have a root canal than sit through a whole episode.

    • I cant get past episode2, I’ve tried to watch it three times its just so bad that I just turn it off.
      I just go back and watch Star Trek Next generation Episodes..

      • Same, I have to watch next generation after attempting to watch STD just to remind myself that there is a reason why I am a star trek fan. STD is ruining the star trek franchise, just like STD’s ruin sex.

      • I tried to watch through to the end of the current season but found myself falling asleep in most episodes. Especially with all the whispering! Have not a clue what happened in the last 3 or 4 episode and am not motivated to try watch again.

        • Someone mentioned they have no respect for the lineage. Well, Just finished S4 ep4 and cap Micheal just pronounced Bajor with a short a . Not in one epsode of DS9 was it pronounced like that. Strange, for someone as unbelivably excellent as her.

          • But you blame the actor (which maybe she should have watched the cannon but no, I’m not sure if it really is a requirement for an actor, for a writer, absolutely, and a director, yes!) and not the director, or the continuity staff literally on every set that is supposed to worry about both internal and external continuity.

            Don’t blame a single actor for the failure of a production company. It lets the wrong people off the hook by scapegoating people with little control.

          • > Someone mentioned they have no respect for the
            > lineage. Well, Just finished S4 ep4 and cap
            > Micheal just pronounced Bajor with a short a .
            > Not in one epsode of DS9 was it pronounced like
            > that. Strange, for someone as unbelivably
            > excellent as her.

            I’m just going to leave this here:

        • Lol lol lol. The whispering !! Omg. It’s terrible. Great point that no one has mentioned. Whispering and crying. That’s literally all the characters on this show do.

    • Star trek discovery is a filthy puddle of sewage. Its such trash its beyond words. This show is God awful and Im embarrassed for the trek franchise.

  • Pure shit. Its utter garbage. The whole thing is a nightmare. THANK GOD FOR ORVILLE. Gene Roddenberry would puke on this garbage version of star trek.

  • Totally Agree. I had to force myself through the first episode, just to discover the rest were even worse. And that doesn’t even come close to the sad part – it’s literally a devastatingly effective attack on Star Trek. All the fans are the people who enjoy no-plotline CGI action movies and are hanging on the edge of their seat as the characters make bizarre decisions simply to cause some explosions. This is ruining the good name of Trek, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  • Gene Roddenberry wud role in his grave.what a poor effort..years have gone by to realize..imagine..write.invent a bold colourful new future and bright new start for star trek yet after all this time they bastardise all that’s true to the fleet breaking rules.klingons that can’t even turn there heads and talk at the same time..the acronym STD is to apt for this show..and for the spinning “saucer section”..geez please help..I’ve got a transformer you that does the many stereotype pigeonhole characters that we are expected to be force fed and yet they want us to say “”please sir,can I have some more”..all that was missing was a pillow cat fight between the two lead female characters at the start to engage all the weak minded cultural divides.please cancel this show..get better writers..I’d ask them to go back and consider the talents of ds9 and TNG like Livingston and Braga but like most of the star trek faithful have jumped starship and warped to the more satisfying crew of the Orville

    • The series intentionally leans left of the left to detract from the weak story line. Total garbage.

        • “The series intentionally leans left of the left…”

          Er, who’s being the snowflake?

          • Well I tried to like it but tonight S4 E13 had Stacey Abrams as President of “united Earth” Talk about being to the left.

      • No, what left-wing political message are you saying is being portrayed exactly? It is military sci-fi by definition! Its overtly right-wing and fascist. Taking a fascist army and making the generals gay, black, or whatever IS STILL A FASCIST ARMY– and they already did that, and have been doing that EVERY FUCKING STAR TREK.

        I FEEL LIKE IM FUCKING CRAZY! THATS NOT THE PART THAT IS DIFFERENT! The bad writing, and fucking god awful characters is the unique part of this awful fucking show.

    • The last episode of Discovery was rubbish I accept we got to see Enterprise with Spock but this was Discovery that went 900 years into the future that is what we wanted to see

  • What I hate most about this show is that it insults you, then has the unmitigated gall to berate you for failing to appreciate the insult. What utter garbage.

    I don’t see a second season getting produced any time soon, if at all. For one thing, after burning NetFlix for having tricked the company into footing the bill for all of this season in return for little payoff, I don’t see that streaming service or any other potential backer ponying up the dough for Season Two. That means CBS will have to do something Hollywood typically does not like to do, namely, take the risk of funding the episodes out of their own coffers. Given how big of a debacle this entire project has turned out to be, who in his or her right mind is going to risk employment with the network over a show fans despise and that can only lose the network money in the long term? STD was only ever a tool with which to launch CBS’ pay-to-watch streaming service, but the network never invested in enough original content to draw in subscribers—everything was poured into this over-produced, poorly-written-and-directed fiasco.

    According to the public figures, All-Access only managed to add about half a million new subscribers at the start of the season, and they’re not being forthcoming about the number of subscribers who cancelled their subscriptions (which would translate into a net loss for All-Access). That’s not a good sign by any objective standard.

    • I’ve tried to watch STD several times and each time I just turn to watch something else because I am just so disgusted. The dialogue is so terrible, and especially MB who whispers and tears up with those big puppy dog eyes in just about every scene. The male actors are treated like a lower form of intelligence during each episode. So in conclusion – STD has turned out to be nothing more than a snowflake, social justice warrior poor imitation of a once great Star Trek series.

    • Oh my God she whispers all the time. The other thing that bothers me is when their is imminent danger and everyone makes these long speeches when in reality then should be running or dealing with the danger. The fact that there are very few straight men in this incarnation of Starfleet and you can’t count Saru.

      • haha I noticed that too! Thought I was the only one so I actually googled it.
        Everyone’s talking at a normal volume and she’s aaaal-ways whispering

      • The long speeches are the worst. I don’t get it. You have a count down clock, and you talk and talk and talk, and talk… then at the last minute you run to construct the suit. So dumb. Plus, why not just jump into the delta quadrant. Or another parallel universe. Build the suit, then jump back. We like science. No need for life or death, impossible situations that you unbelievably get out of. Could have written two episodes on constructing the suit but that would have required science, Star Trek type team work, better writing, an understanding of science and bigger/better imaginations.
        I tried watching season one, it was so bad. I thought okay, may it got better, so I skipped to the middle of season two. Confusing. I hate space soap operas. I tried season three. Terrible.

        I’m done. It is a special kind of STD.

        P.S. The gay, and multiracial characters have nothing to do with the problems. It’s bad, really bad writing and I imagine a lack of knowledge about or lack of respect for Star Trek

  • It was gay that’s my problem and also the science sucked, this is iterated repeatedly. Ships spore drive, the way quantum mechanics work, effin kringons I mean yeah there is even a science behind them also even the characters that had to read the lines seemed to mumble the jargon. Starfleet seemed like a disillusioned commonwealth without a budget and trades system or even a plan, their admiral just felt completely loose one moment and suddenly had god like powers seen only of very hard well cemented admirals of yonder Trek.

  • This is typical Canadian produced left wing social justice warrior propaganda.As a Canadian I am embarrassed by this absolute travesty of the Star Trek genre.I could not believe my eyes when I first watched it. I skipped some episodes to get through it.It should be banned from TV. I am happy to see my feelings about this garbage show are shared by many.

    • Discovery takes place in that Awacka-Doodle “Alternative Universe”….We HAVE to keep from coming into contact with them in THIS reality, or it’s total annihilation!!!! But every now and then,one slips through…..I’m sure if Rodennberry were here,He’d approve a mission to go back in time and STOP it from being aired this time to put the timeline right again! Biased Social issues and Politics have NO place in the Star Trek World….They have cured Birth defects,and Social mental illness issues in the correct time period,and “Discovery” is ruining that hope for me….I rather they just stop than go beserk like this…But like Spock said “Two and Two still equals 4 even in this part of the Universe, and where the networks are involved,that explains where the show is coming from…Time to wake up “again” ST fans!

      • “Biased Social issues and Politics have NO place in the Star Trek World”

        You must have never watched any Star Trek…ever…
        nov 22 , 1968. Kirk and Uhura shared the first inter racial kiss on television. that’s the first example that comes to mind but there are lots more to disprove your asinine statement.

        why is it always the sleepiest mofos telling others to wake up?

        • You’re right. Star Trek was never just a fun space opera, social commentary, especially the idea that we can rise above our problems and make a better society is central to what Star Trek is all about.

          A couple points on that. First, the writers for STD really didn’t focus on creating a compelling story-line and great characters. Although I have heard that later seasons have improved considerably. If all you have are social issues without likable characters to go with it, then it really loses what any sort of fiction is all about. Secondly, as far as I’ve seen, STD didn’t carry many of the Utopian ideas that made Star Trek so compelling in the first place. It was always a future we could get excited about and wanted to happen. They decided to turn STD into a darker and grittier show that from what I can tell, demonstrated the worst of humanity and not the best. It’s a shame really because we could use more examples today about how humans can come together and overcome differences.

    • This Rubbish is everything that is wrong with TV,The whole plot and I use the term plot in the loosest possible way,is Total Left leaning Liberal PC Garbage,STD is an apt title,You could tell after the first episode what is what going to be, I tried on and off, thinking it cant get any worse, but it did , least I know not to watch series 2,

  • The worst think about it, is that they don’t seem to care that they are crapping on a legendary franchise (not unlike Disnay also did with Star Wars). They blatantly ignore the fans, the history, the love for this show and only care to spread more SJW down our throats. Without even the slightest respect for these 50 years of history. It’s like “let’s destroy this and ‘reboot’ it in our own way”; then why not make ANOTHER show alltogether? Why should you use “Star Trek” as bait?
    The contrast with the Orville, and the love Seth shows for Star Trek makes it even more painful. Is this what people are supposed to accept as Star Trek now? Well no.

  • MAJOR NEWS!!!!
    Thank you Patrick!!!! AND CBS For coming back,draining the swamp,and getting back to the REAL deal once again! (We were starting to panic)…
    The failed stinking garbage can embarassment known as Star Trek “Discovery” is finally a dead beaten horse thank God!!!,what a freakin disaster THAT was…..The only Star Trek series I ever had to pay for,and it turned out to be a freakazoid insane politcal platform aimed at promoting scum and brainwashing new generations of fans with crazy current day social agendas that somehow infiltrated the Star Trek World with their ugly B.S…..As if we didnt have enough of that as it is everywhere else! BIG MISTAKE!!!
    And NOW by the grace of the angry and dissapointed fans,not to mention actors that are WITH us,not taking our hard earned money to embarass us, Capt. Picard is coming BACK out of retirement to save to the universe once again, and bring back the CORRECT messages,and quality entertainment that sane,open minded ST fans have enjoyed for generations! At 78 years old even he can STILL show em how it’s done!!!! Can’t WAIT until until this new series is out! THIS one I’ll be happy to pay for.Name your price and sign me up CBS!!! “MAKE IT SO,AND ENGAGE”!!!!

      • I’m old enough to have been with TOS and through every iteration of ST. The first TOS movies were criticized, and rightfully so, for leaning so much on tech and no character development. ST: TNG, and all that followed, learned the lesson and were character driven. STD relies on a LOT of tech and little or no character developments and character interaction. They kill off regular and recurring characters on a regular basis. STD is on the verge of being a scam and money grab. 20+ various “producers” who also grab writer, and director credits? Really? Next, stop the lying. It’s unlikely there will be a Brave New World or Section 31. Seeing is believing, with this crowd. Stop with the diversity issues. ST has always addressed these. Seven main and recurring characters who happen to be gay is more than enough. In terms of relating to general populations, you’re off base. Tell SMG that whispering and doing her lines sotto voce isn’t acting. It’s not even cute, definitely not sexy/professional. Do your five years, grab all the money you can, and fly off to wherever the multiverse will allow you.

  • Im not a fan of the old star trek series only watched like couple of em when i was young and going through the channels so i dont even have any expectations for Star Trek Discovery , but omfg how is it even possible to try to sell this shi7 , i mean like even kids shows that run in the mornings have better story / writing and acting . Discovery just feels like a kids show where friendship is magic and all that social justice warrior bs gets really tiring fast . Like srsly when a transformers movie has better writing and Shia LaBeouf acts better then 60% of the main cast you know the series is doomed to fail. It was a pain to watch through it just thinking it might just get better but the end was a even larger disappointment.

  • I am so glad I am not alone on this. I should have known from the start that if I had to pay to watch a show that was basically free for 50 years something would be wrong. And after the 5th episode I canceled my subscription I couldn’t stomach it anymore and found myself for the first time watching a TV show and becoming angry and not entertained. When Enterprise came out fans had coronaries over the show. But honestly its far and above more Trek then this pile of shit. I never wanted a show to fail so much before and what is coming next in the new series that are planned are making me very nervous. I will never consider Discovery canon EVER. As far as I am concerned its right up there with the Kelvin timeline Trek. Oh BTW you can blame the self-centered egotistical Glenn Hetrick for the Klingon look.

  • Discovery takes place in that Awacka-Doodle “Alternative Universe”….We HAVE to keep from coming into contact with them in THIS reality, or it’s total annihilation!!!! But every now and then,one slips through…..I’m sure if Rodennberry were here,He’d approve a mission to go back in time and STOP it from being aired this time to put the timeline right again! Biased Social issues and Politics have NO place in the Star Trek World….They have cured Birth defects,and Social mental illness issues in the correct time period,and “Discovery” is ruining that hope for me….I rather they just stop than go beserk like this…But like Spock said “Two and Two still equals 4 even in this part of the Universe, and where the networks are involved,that explains where the show is coming from…Time to wake up “again” ST fans!

  • If you took away the Star Fleet logo and renamed the Klingons you would have to work to figure out that is Star Trek. I hate it. Let us see what butchering they can do to Spock is season two. Does no one own this franchise?

      • The show seems more like a whiney soap Opera than about diversity. Way Too much focus on Gay couple hookups and not enough on plot and technology advances save the Love interest for a dating show or soap.Give is more cool technology.

  • Oh, for a franchise that goes on so much about “diversity”, it has about the LEAST diverse aliens going – and had the gall to rationalize it, to boot. That is, its aliens all look like variations of the human form, as if they were all just hairless apes funny heads (but all have flattened snouts, like primates … it might be a prerequisite to speak like a human, but it’s certainly not necessary for being a technological species. Nothing stops a sapient from having fur or a tail, either.

    This series was always guilty of the VERY biased view of Man being “the measure of all things”. Bleah.

  • I was skeptical as soon as I heard “they’re bringing back Star Trek!” In the era of Everything Sucks, wow “they” did a number on one of the most loved shows of all time. Discovery is not Star Trek. And I agree with another commenter above, I found myself getting angry as I watched, not entertained. Only made it to episode 2 and still have no idea what the show is supposed to be about! Where to even begin? First of all, those are not Klingons. Second, what’s the deal with the ship? That weird bridge and why is it so dark in there? Why does it feel like the camera man is drunk and about to fall down, camera in hand? And where is the rest of the crew? Why do none of them get along? It’s one big slap in the face to Roddenberry, 50 years of established canon, and all is dedicated fans. Go away, Discovery. You’re not Starfleet material.

  • I find myself watching less and less Sci-Fi shows and movies these days, because they have become so feminized. After watching the last episode of Discovery, where the manly Captain Pike practically gets bitch slapped by Michael Burnham and then has to be rescued by her because of his incompetence, for me, that was the last straw. This show is completely ludicrous.

    • That is the funny thing. They cant comprehend that the best way to make a great female char, you have to CREATE it, work on it. Instead, they pop out average boring females and to show how great those are, they display men in a way that is simply deranged. Their men are stupid, evil, cowardly and unable to do anything their females can.
      What a great way to portray strong female chars…
      They wanna create great female characters but they cant. The technology was lost. And these talentless hacks keep bashing on this primitive and disgusting idea repeating over ands over again: women strong, men weak, women smart, men stupid, women good, men evil.
      Of course, they reserve a small amount of black gay male puppy purse characters who are not like the rest of those evil men. Which is another disgusting thing. They wanna take away manliness from those. And the characters that they portray are no longer men, they are a sick pervere vision that mentally sick radicals who should be treated rather than allowing their poison infect entertaining industry wanna bring to life in their movies and shows.

  • One thing that has always bothered me is when someone uses a name that evokes loyalty, and tacks it onto a wholly inferior product, all for the sake of trying to start with a pre-made fanbase.
    Such is the case with Star Trek:Discovery. It is not “Star Trek” at all. Not about exploration, but exploitation. Not about pursuing a grand ideal, just having a pissing contest with “the enemy”.
    Tossing in a COMPLETELY divisive and unnecessary plot device (spore drive). Re-characterizing people (Pike) to be something different (and unlikely) than we already know them to be.
    Horrible plot line. Horrible story arc. MacGuffins all over the place. No thanks.

  • Aside from the social justice crap, Discovery’s producers just don’t get it that their
    primary market is to teenage and young 20 something white and Asian males,who just won’t
    waste their time being preached at. And they wonder why the whole Star Trek franchise is
    going down in flames.

  • This show is a leftist lashback against white men and men in general. The writing is so very boring. The acting is absolutely mediocre at best. The constant “romance” side stories and horrible. The conversations… Are just laughable! No one talks in whispers constantly. All the characters are so weak.

    The best thing hey had was the mycellium network and cgi. Everything else is so bad. Its constant drama. Thats it… This show is a drama. Its days of our lives…in space.

    • “Its days of our lives…in space.” [sic]

      So it’s pretty much what would happen if you lived in space. You think everyone’s on duty 24/7?

  • There is way too much wrong with Discovery to call it Star Trek. The writing is childish. The science sucks. There are scenes that should be left behind closed doors. Language that doesn’t belong in a show that has always been aimed at a broad audience. Technologies that are ridiculous, or at least better suited to a sequel rather than a prequel.

    I think the creators of this travesty must be on a quest to boldly go and isolate 95% of their audience.

    I persisted with Discovery until 15 minutes before the end of episode 15. I just couldn’t take it any more, and never had an urge to go back and see the final minutes of plot destruction. I did watch 10 minutes of season 2 episode 1 but fell asleep and again, have no urge to revisit.

  • I really tried to like STD. (I hope it’s not terminal ) but it’s shitty quality and even more entense shitty writting were too much to bare….Even for me. Did anyone notice that chubby Tilly (I like chubby thick ladies….But she is more like an annoying 7 year old girl than anything else.)
    Said the “F” word. No one in Star Trek (not even JJ’S Trek) uttered the “F” word. In the future of Star Trek people no longer feel the need to swear. It’s great in: True Blood, Oz, Orange Is the New Black BUT NOT STAR TREK DAMN IT.

    Spore Drive? Glass bridge? Spinning saucer section? SJW? I could smell the left wing lean of Queen Street West all over this thing! WTF?!

    Now ORVILLE, there is some real Star Trek. My Mother loves that show. She says, “I fall asleep during STD, but Orville I am wide awake…” And my Mother is 80 and she knows stuff.

  • Thanks for writing your comments. I totally agree. I subscribed to see what it was about. After watching two shows I canceled my
    subscription. It is written by plot points and emotional confrontation, the way that soap opera is constructed.
    It has no sense of the philosophy , aesthetics and world view that animated most of the other Star Treks. It is obviously written by writers being told what to do in a writer’s sweatshop, without any plan for plot and character development.
    I feel sorry for the actors as well as the writers who probably thought it would be a great career move. It is also infuriating that CBS continues to get bloviating press with updates on plot and character as it were news! I hope the whole project fails miserably. It is not about a “canon” it is about good science fiction, military science fiction, and good writing period

  • After a couple of episodes of TNG, there were characters I had an emotional attachment to, same with Voyager, DS9 and even Enterprise and of course I always loved the TOS crew, but I couldn’t give a toss about anyone on Discovery, they all suck, if the ship blew up and everyone died, who would care, get this crap off my planet.

  • I would be fine to watch STD and see where it goes, but there is one massive problem. Burnham, not the actor, not even the character. The fact that any problem, issue or decision that faces the crew falls on Burnham. Not because she is the most capable, in the right place or even remotely connected to the issue at hand. She just always has the answer, or gives the answer to another in some shape or form. This smothers every other character on the show because Burnham always has to have the answer. Usually without any effort on her part too I might add. Even captain Pike, is a proxy to Burnham when it actually counts. I’m really glad they steered away from well polished captains……God broke the mold when he made Burnham so he had to settle for creating Jesus.

  • I just saw season 2 episode 11 of Discovery. And I will NOT watch another episode. This should be renamed to Star Drama.
    Star Trek was always a work of art. Its insight to Philosophy, virtue, nobility, values, mathematics, and science was always subtle and beyond par. It excites wonder and curiosity. And the method how this was presented and acted on screen was always sublime.
    Discovery on the otherhand is a grave insult to all Star Trek franchises. It is like watching a parade of lights carried by actors who cry a lot. No substance, no meaning. A teledrama in a space ship. Shame to those who dared to attach the solemn name of Star Trek to it.

  • It is awful. The script has been written by a ten year old. It is made for today, in that you can keep it on in the distance whilst you catch up on emails or social metwork.
    A girl called Michael…never without makeup.., but that is what young ones see, not a good story, just special effects ,lipstick,pouting at camera, and the most awful script. Codswallop.

  • Star Trek Discovery is such an UGLY show. Star Trek used to be so good to look at – good looking ships, clean futuristic interiors etc. Now STD is just so ugly – ugly sets, ugly lighting and all the characters look half mutilated that it’s hard to watch them.

  • The real shame is there is basically nothing wrong with any of these selections. Pudgy plucky young cadet? Sure. I mean hell miles wasn’t exactly a triathlete. Black female protagonist? Of course. No problem! Gay couple .. Bout damn time! The problem is that all of these characters, Each and every one of them is used as a vector for their own identity politics. They have so little that defines them as individuals beyond their duty and morality. I don’t really know who any of these people are. I can’t see them as humans because they are not acting like humans. They are acting out what they are. Propaganda pieces. And this is coming from a half arab polyamarous bisexual man. So yeah hardly a straight white male perspective. I’m kinda still watching because the show has some decent action and I’m starved of things to watch. But this isn’t a good show. At all.

  • The dialogue is week, the editorializing on social norms isn’t needed, the entire placating of subordinate officers whims, isn’t what happens in real life military or corporate culture.

  • I cancelled my CBS All Access subscription after the end of this season. I’m tired of seeing Michael have the same stricken, horrified expression on her face every episode. Funny thing is I was a fan of the actress on The Walking Dead, now I hope I never see her again. I’m tired of EVERY SINGLE straight white -human- male (with the exception of Captain Pike in season 2) being the villain or portrayed as incompetent and stupid. I’m tired of boring characters. I’m tired of confusing (and mostly boring) plots. I’m tired of wanting to know more about characters that I think I could be interested in not be developed AT ALL (what are the names of the African American guy and the Asian guy on the bridge?? The show itself doesnt even care). Airiam the cool android? R.I.P. And what about the redhead pilot with the Borg-like implant from the war? I forgot her name, while always hoping she would get some character development. I’m tired of over-acting (Michael, I’m sorry… but sometimes…), the boring gay romance that is just bolted on to be socially progressive, I’m tired of bad writing, and I’m just tired of the whole show. I wish I had stopped after season 1 and that I could get all the hours that I wasted on this show back. This is the very first Star Trek series that has no interest in appealing to its core audience. Goodbye and good riddance.

  • This Tv Series must to be stopped soon as possible… it’s a waste of time and it’s not star trek, it’s just a throwin up all around and the actors are even more ridiculus.

  • I gave it 2 seasons, and that was a sacrifice. I have always loved Star Trek, but the last Beyond movie went off course. STD is in a completely different universe. I cancelled CBS All Access. This show has no science, just pure fantasy. Its way too dark. Its disrespectful to itself and to the actual Star Trek fan base. the writers are just way too off the mark. Where is the “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before”?
    CBS, if you don’t like Star Trek and its sci fi, leave it alone! Come up with a new unique Fantasy of your liking. Just for the love of God, don’t call it Star Trek.

  • I have seen some other star trek spin offs with questionable content.I about threw up seeing Dax and Lanera kiss on DS9.My son lent me star trek discovery and warned me that there was only one scene.I am not watching anymore Star Trek anything!Gene Roddenberry had a good idea and someone had to louse it up!

  • I wanted to watch this series to see if all of the negative hype was apt. I tend not to listen to popular opinion even if it is disparaging or critical because I like to go into things “fresh”.

    I’m on episode 3 right now and I’m really struggling to find the “star” in this “trek”. It feels like a completely different show than one would expect from the franchise.

    For me, Star Trek is a saga of competing philosophies and moral dilemmas discussed mostly among crew members who are not only intelligent, but likable. How does one respect free will but preserve the integrity race relations? What are the rights of an android? How do I communicate with an alien race who speaks purely in metaphors? How do you outsmart an authoritarian, overly-bureaucratic alien race who can wipe you out without much thought and emerge unscathed? What is individuality vs. collectivism and how is it valuable? Is it ethically acceptable to use a doctor’s inhumane research to save a crew member’s life?

    These were all themes rooted and explored in previous series. They were presented in some of the most intelligent, respectful and memorable of ways by crews who were equally as such. Some of the themes and storylines were even Shakespearian in nature, literally and figuratively.

    I’m not getting any of these elements from the current incarnation. STD (did anyone bother to note the humorous acronym before green-lighting it?) presents weak characters I find unlikeably tepid and two-dimensional. All they do is scowl and argue with each other. No appreciation, camaraderie or restraint, just reserves of toxicity.

    Examples, every exchange the chief engineer has with the captain is laced with resentful, unfunny sarcasm. It’s like watching some ungrateful millennial Alan Tudyk clone do a bad impression of House, M.D.

    The protagonist has the same slack-jawed expression of angry dismay and sorrowful defeat in nearly every frame. Her bunkmate seems like she took a wrong turn into the STD set from the Gilmore Girls studio. The alien (Sura?) seems interesting, but aloof and unrelatable in a tanned turnip kind of way.

    Bottom line – in all of the previous series, I got the sense that the characters LIKED one another, or at the very least, held respect for the other party. This is totally lacking in STD. The characters are surly, angry, passive aggressive teenagers who are most interesting when they are entirely absent from the scene.

    The only characters I’ve liked so far have been killed off. The writers here don’t seem to take into account consequences of making people interesting then snuffing them out within 40 minutes.

    This series feels like a spin-off of the aforementioned darker, grittier Battlestar Galactica series from several years ago. It is action-based, louder, more urgent and even bloodier. The special effects are great, but they don’t compensate for the failure to capture Trek for what it represents, exploring brave new worlds and going where no man has gone before. The only thing explored here are the trite lens flare effects and silver-themed mood lighting we’ve come to expect from futuristic space dramas. The series doesn’t just go where no man has gone before, it goes nowhere at warp 9.9.

    Other points: I’ve never seen this level of gore in a Star Trek series. I’m only three episodes in and I’ve already seen severely mangled bodies, limbs, lacerated, bloody people. Better hold your stomach, because you’re going to see several of them blown wide open. It feels egregiously out of place, more suitable to a war drama, not Star Trek.

    One smaller point, perhaps nitpicking – the ships upon which we find ourselves are awfully talkative. The intercom is always announcing something. “Ensign Smith, please report to sick bay”, “Ensign Brodie to the cargo bay”. This was never implemented in the previous Treks. I don’t think previous ships even had an intercom, or they were scarcely used, perhaps only to issue an evacuation order or give an inspirational speech now and then.

    While I understand they integrated an intercom ostensibly for “realism”, it’s more of a distraction which sullies the brand even further. It feels like a military hospital in space.

    I will do my best to watch the rest of season 1, but my interest in it is waning faster than you can say “resistance is futile.” This series does not assimilate well with the rest.

  • I really enjoyed the darkness, but the over-acting, the melodrama and the long drawn out scenes where the actors reflect on their actions is what killed it for me.

    I enjoyed season 1 when they were in the parallel universe, but season 2 is shockingly bad. I thought about continuing watching it to see what had happened to Spock, but I couldn’t care less now.

  • With all the time and money put in to this project there was so much that could have been done to make this version of Star Trek successful. The original episodes were put together on a shoestring, these new “Discovery” episodes were obviously millions to produce, yet I couldn’t stand to watch any of them for more than about 20 minutes. When the original series came out I was the little kid glued to my tv every Thursday night when it was on nbc. We talked about the show next day in elementary school. The Next Generation had its moments and I liked Enterprise. I have watched all of those episodes many, many times and still enjoy them. The movies had their moments, but I found myself walking out before the film finished a few times in the past few years. None of the versions of Star Trek were ever perfect, but this one seems the least perfect of all

  • Turn off your TV and check out Star Trek Outpost or Star Trek Section 31 on your podcast. Far better writing and acting than STD…

  • I tried to watch it, I really did. I can’t even get through one episode without turning it off. It is totally awful, I get angry watching it, there is no enjoyment in watching it at all. I’m a huge fan of Star Trek, this Discovery crap is not Star Trek, not even close.

  • What a load of shit,shit,shit,shit,shit and shit, and did I mention it is shit. Nothing but a long winded advert for political correctness, and the emasculation agenda. I can see right through this SHIT. Got to episode 2 and thats as far as I’m willing to watch this cheap knock off of roddenberry’s vision.And did I mention it is SHIT.

  • Shalom Aleichem.
    I’ve been a fan of StarTrek since the very 1st episode in 1966. All the spin offs and movies.
    I’m sick of political correctness infiltrating & destroying shows I’ve loved for yrs.
    I watched 2 episode’s of Discovery & for the 1st time in 50yrs can’t stand a new StarTrek series.

    Unbelievable. Political correctness has destroyed a legacy that has endured for a half a century.

    Ratson haba b’shem YaHuah

  • in between seasons I went back to look at the show and I don’t like it… There acting like kids high-fiving each other in this futuristic sci-fi it’s just ridiculous.the dialogue is really bad. So I’m guessing that the writers and directors first off don’t know anything about Star Trek and secondly their young too immature and don’t know what it takes to make an adventure sci-fi.were not tuning in to a sci-fi to watch boring emotional romance or especially homosexuality. But you see the writers throw it in because so many of them are homosexuals, have you ever heard of Holly weird? For too long these people have had too much money and their sexual habits became more and more deviant. They’re All just perverts making TV shows.I might excuse it if they would at least make them well but they don’t. The younger generation is being brainwashed and duped at the same time… that’s the facts this is what television has turned into.

  • STD has today (15/12/2019) arrived in the UK via E4 and I have just watched the 1st episode … what a load of crap!.

    Bad story line and acting, and charactors you cant engage with, and WTF have they done to the Klingons?

    Utter pants!

  • Sexual diversity doesnt guarantee a good season. The season 1 is still watchable but it seems that seasaon 2 was a hurry up with lack of Star Trek quality. As i said they fill that lack with sexual and racial diversity and its not enough for me. Thanks for your post.

  • Interesting reading all these comments after season two has been finished. Some of the comments are way off base. I have watched every star trek series since the beginning. Star Trek has always been progressive, often groundbreaking in choice of characters, and always always leaned to the left and to social justice issues. I’m not sure what the heck show you guys have been watching all this time but you obviously missed the point! They’ve always discussed what it means to be human and whether humans are actually the superior race. Maybe some of you have only watched a few shows here and there because you are too young, but take it from an old-timer. Star Trek has always been good at pissing off those on the far right. Although Kirk probably did appeal to most of the macho types, Spock was there to balance him out. I’m not crazy about the new show but it has nothing to do with agenda. I think the actors are all sub-par, the makeup is bad and there isn’t enough humor to keep us watching. And I love the Orville – that show definitely deals with social justice issues and leans to the left. Go back and watch it if you don’t believe me! In general all good sci-fi is groundbreaking and progressive. Staring with Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clarke. Sorry to burst your collective bubbles!

    • If pushing down our throats homosexuals, non-binaries (whatever that means) & transgenders IN EVERY FRAKING EPISODE qualifies as “groundbreaking & progressive”, then you’re absolutely right I guess.

  • STD is really bad. Burnham is a very weak character who is too young and does not convince me she has the experience to be a Commander in Star Fleet, she whines all the time and that stupid shocked look drives me crazy. I have watched Star Trek for over 50 years and quit this show about 12 episodes into the 2nd season, I can’t take it anymore. Get rid of Burnham, get some real plots that relate to Star Trek and maybe I’ll come back.

  • Those with no knowledge of Cinematographic art are those mindless fools who continue watch the inferior script show and waste money on CBS Live streaming to do so.

    I watched a wee bit of the series pilot on normal broadcasting television and was shocked by yet another reincarnation of the Klingon race, who decided they would be more appealing with Porcelain skin, until they actually indicated the race in the script I had no clue as to what alien race I was looking at.

  • This is the universe I tend to imagine….in an alternate universe Burnham was never picked up by Discovery because it was destroyed by the Klinks and Burnham ended up on Rura Penthe where she eventually died from old age and terrible tv ratings.

  • my guy, you make zero sense. being gay, or any sexuality isnt a genetic flaw, and if you mean what i think you mean, using crispr to edit genes has been debated and decided as inhumane and immoral. regardless, being gay isnt a flaw and in no intergalactic, alien space federation universe would “erasing gay dna” be a priority, nor would be increasing human population.
    notwithstanding, the show isnt the greatest.

    • What are you talking about?
      Of course it’s a genetic flaw:
      Also no, YOU make no sense, DNA resequencing for genetic disorders was a thing till the 22nd century.
      Despite resequencing having been banned afterwards because of the Eugenics Wars, “gay DNA” (as you put it) had enough time to be eliminated from the gene pool.

      If it’s the word “flaw” that you don’t like, well, whether you like it or not, it IS a flaw.
      So what?
      Why are you being defensive about it?
      Everybody has flaws, small, big, subtle, visible, benign, deadly… nobody’s perfect.
      Stop victimizing yourself (because honestly, nobody cares) & OWN YOUR FLAWS!

  • We’re watching this because whiteness is dead. Have you noticed the lack of Hollywood blue-eyed socialites selling social apps and shopping anything? So, the woke white folks delivered a Star Trek for the 13% of us, so they should be happy their calculations yielded a 7% viewing audience. Most everyone else is out throwing frozen pop bottles at cops until after the election so why are we still talking about an black-faced Klingon sketch?

    • It might come as a surprise to most people, but whiteness has always been considered a birth defect! In ancient times babies with white skin were systemically destroyed! It wasn’t until a woman started collecting them up from villages across Africa and took them to the Caucasian mountain ranges where they became a new race of people! That eventually took over the world by force! 😀 hidden history 😀 all our skin colours are gorgeous! Humans are like skittles, some are magnificently sweet and others bitterly sour!

      • So… there was a woman like 200K years ago (that is: two… hundred… THOUSANDS), that somehow gathered enough kids to form a big enough, variable enough gene pool to start a healthy new race, & then somehow she took all those kids, all the way from Africa to Russia…
        Whatever you’re smoking, I want some!
        (Having said that, that story sounds more interesting & more believable than STD! 😂)

  • Gosh! your all very harsh lol, It’s really rather difficult making a show with such high expectations from its fan base. I personally think Genie & his gorgeous wife, (waxana trio) would be thrilled that Star Trek is still going, repeating the same story in remake after remake is not the objective, the objective has always been to get the world thinking about our eventual leap into space and the interesting peoples, places and situations we might encounter.

    • It is the same story repeated again though. Its just not anything like the beautiful vision of the future that star treks always presented. The characters are awful, the stories are cliche garbage. It all seems like middle school ego driven drama. Lens flare, violence, cry about it. Theres a spy infiltrator, someone’s gonna sacrifice themself to save everyone. Time travel,cry, infiltrator, mirror universe..yeah, real original

      • Could not agree more. Well, I tried to watch STD on Netflix, S1E1… Absolutely stunning visuals, great art direction and… nothing else. Oh yes, there was something really strong, trying so hard to impose female heroines with super characteristics, that could otherwise be males (why Michael and not Michelle, too “weak” for a woman who knows it all?). Male characters extremely weak and completely without interest and a suspicion of racism with Klingons being black (as black as possible) but the “chosen one” being white. I could pass all that, if there was something called “plot” which was non existent. Impossible to bond with any of the characters, impossible to find a reason why I should watch this pretentious nonsense with absolutely no connection to the Star Trek universe. The writers should check Battlestar Galactica (2003) to get a glimpse of what true political correctness is, character development and great storytelling. Next…

  • The most interesting aspect of Star Trek is the science of the technology they use.
    It’s based on real possibilities, cat purr frequencies used to rapidly heal injuries in sickbay,
    The deflector field & shield bubble is a geometric sonic/magnetic field ( like the atmosphere around earth just scaled to ship size) that creates a bow wave to pull the ship through space and deflect everything from space rocks to laser cannons, radiation etc, the transporter system is based on quantum entanglement theory,
    The replicators are just futuristic 3D Printers! One day food and supplies will be held in a suspended and copiable state within the rainbow’s fourth dimensional matrix!

  • Yupp, I was shocked watching the first episodes. I even then stopped. Long time later I saw that the show is continuing and got more seasons. Really? So many ugly actors in that show who I cannot sympathize with, nore getting any liking to them. There is so much hate and whatsoever. The stories were so lame. It hurt to watch. I loved Star Trek, but this new show….. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? How can this continue so well? All other great shows got discontinued… But his goes one. Strange 🙂
    I just cannot get over those ugly looking actors… The one even has acne or what. TV should make them look good and not so realistic ugly 🙂 Sorry, I know, that is mean, but the persons there are not of my liking. Dislike their faces. Hard to watch. No thanks. Waiting for a new show or watching the old Star Trek shows.

  • I can’t believe how angry I get watching this show. I watch it for some ST fix and regret every new episode I sit through!

    1. The cast: is unbearable. Loved the Michael Burman actor until now. Every scene is an example of over-acting. And is she a human raised on Vulcan or not? If so, drop all the needless human emoting schlock and let her Vulcan freak flag fly!

    2. I’m gay and happy there are now gay characters, but enough already! You made your statement so STOP pushing it down everyone’s throat. Now we have a gay (annoying AF) married couple, a lesbian engineer (the only cool character BTW), a non-conforming human/Trill with her dead trans-Trill boyfriend in her head. SERIOUSLY?! Why even have a trans person playing her “boyfriend” if trans is not part of the storyline?? To make a extradiegetic social commentary or identity politics point? KEEP IT OUT OF ST! IF you want to make a point like this–use your imagination and write an ep on it. IS the whole f’ing crew supposed to be LGBTQ+ now?? WE GET IT! This is EXACTLY how to turn off straight allies. As for haters–this is how you push them even further away. REAL ST would know how to write an ep that underscore elements off shared humanity, empathy and places the viewer in the shoes of the character in question.

    2. The gay couple. They are excruciating. The 2 worst characters on the show. AT least the dark-haired on (who is by far the worse of the 2) “dies,” only to come back! WHY? Oh I know… so he and his husband can have simpering, whining, “I love yous” and partner nagging convos–on the bridge, in engineering, in sickbay, in the middle of an emergency, basically EVERYWHERE and EVERYTIME they should not! Save it for your quarters or 10 Forward! As a gay man, cool being represented but THIS is NOT how I want gay men in SF to be represented. You are making things worse. Why couldn’t it have been a security guard and a senior officer–who do their jobs without stopping for love talks and whom you only realise are married to each other in an appropriate moment/setting–like in their quarters, on vacation etc. If the goal is to show why gay men should not serve together on a ship because they cannot contain their emotions, then WELL DONE!

    3. None of these whining millennials seem like SF officers. Why the hell are there emotional speeches on the bridge FFS?! These are supposed to be smart, dedicated professionals who are the cream of the crop, NOT whining millennials all who seem to need an emotional support tribble to be on a ship.

    4. If you have not got to the seas 3 ep with dinner Saru host for senior staff yet… just wait. You will blow your top.

    5. Who are these people? I really don’t care about any of them. Almost the whole bridge crew are red shirts the writers don’t even realise. I don’t know any of their names or what they do (even harder to tell because they got rid of colour-coded uniforms!?) So the writers have tried to write eps where we are supposed to feel for these vapid characters. EVERY ST you like the characters FIRST because they are competent and function professionally and we see them do their jobs… THEN we become interested in their stories because we’ve learned to like them… NOT the other way around. Other than Pike, Saru and Giorgio, everyone else seems like a studio extra pretending to hit buttons on a spaceship set. None of them are even remotely convincing as a SF officers.

    6. Current trendy, real-world lingo, fist bumps and hi-5s have no place in ST. That’s just lazy and bad, corny writing.

    7. ONE QUIRKY character is ENOUGH. We get it, Tilly is the “Reginald Barclay.” One Barclay might be entertaining, 5 or 6 is ANNOYING AF. And she an the rest of the female crew need to CUT THEIR hair to SF and safety regulations.

    8. I have no clue who the people are running this show right now and what their ST bona fides are. But I am gonna go out on a limb and guess they have NO love for ST and were NOT SF fans. Because this seems like a show where the people making it have a whole lot to say and express (none of which have anything to do with ST0 about a whole lot of things and have somehow fallen onto ST, which they simply now use as their vehicle for those messages.

    9. SW have Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni to care for it. They are talented, imaginative, know their SW and clearly love and respect it AND clearly respect the fanbase. The opposite is true of the STD team. ST need its Favreau and Filoni to save it from the parasites that would eat it alive for their own benefit.

    • Oh my god…you are so right…with a few exceptions, STD story, cast and acting is horrible.
      1) The actress playing Giorgio is a well accomplished actress and started the show as a sort of Picard/Janeway in her own way…philosophical, likeable, motherly…only to be killed off (and eaten) by Klingons…so you plant a colored actor (I am colored myself) with poor acting skills to play a PTSD, surgically altered Klingon turned Starfleet officer who discovers is the BF of someone who for all intents and purposes is a female Klingon chancellor (forbidden) ready to randomly build the D7 battle cruiser to unite the Klingon empire…and he is a banned baby daddy who takes custody and transports the kid on to the doorstep of a Klingon monastery….so then that plot line goes out the window never to be heard from again….BTW, it’s pronounced Kahless…not Kailash…if you are going to use Star Trek canon, get it right.
      2) You create a stupid technology using spores (fungus for all intents and purposes) harvested from cargo bay 2 to hyper transport your experimental ship but you first need a space creature to do it…and when you’re done using (torturing) it, you use your science/engineer officer as a surrogate warp core turning him on and off faster than speed shot camera to get a fix on a cloaked Klingon ship until he flips out and launches you into the alternate universe.
      3) You have a ditzy immature child posing as a Starfleet officer on an experimental ship who somehow wants to be captain someday…shouldn’t they have the cream of the crop already? Red Squad from DS9 was better than this…and they were like 16 years old. We do not know the rest of the crew and just as we are beginning to learn about the hacked robotic one, the show kills her off and somehow we are supposed to connect to this character? We still don’t know anything about the one that has the bionic implant near her eye.
      4) So, now you have a technology to instantly hop around the galaxy looking for mysterious lights foreseen by Spock as a child (making him look like a total head case) only to discover it’s from Burnham’s parents having designed a fancy space suit. WTF!!!!
      5) Star Trek has always been on the front of social issues…at the very least they just got people thinking about it…I get the whole in your face about the gay couple on the show…it’s a bit too much (their acting is not good at all). When TNG did the show about the non-binary race (the on where the one member realized she had female feelings) and the conversion treatment she forcibly received afterwards sparks true about a lot of what is happening today…TNG sparked discussion without being in your face. Similar with Jadzia Dax on DS9.

      The writers of this show must not be taking their Ritalin…the plot just jumps around aimlessly with no coherence, no character building and no universe building…I don’t want them to make another TNG, DS9 or Voyager, but when you have far fewer episodes in a season, for god sake make them count. DS9 had so many characters and actors but you could feel close to each one to some degree…Garek was sparingly shown early on but became central to the plot in later years..same with Damar….even Vic Fontaine in DS9..his episode with Nog in the holodeck was gut wrenching…Ezri Dax who was on for the final season was more familiar to me after 3 episodes than any of these characters after 2 seasons.

      Don’t even get me started on ST Picard…how is it that you have a whole intact Borg cube…one of the scariest, most powerful icons in all of Star Trek canon….have all of its drones simply jettisoned, race and beat an entire fleet of Romulan Warbirds through its proprietary transwarp drive to the showdown planet and then as soon as it gets there is taken down by a bunch of space flowers and be completely impotent.

      I was more interested in the technology recreating the whole murder scene than in any android…that was just the consequence of lazy and unimaginative writing.

      What’s with Picard getting cussed out? Not appropriate at all for Star Trek.

      You have a captain of a private ship who flies it with a cigar in his mouth like he’s driving a Mustang…without a gd steering wheel…and this is in almost the 25th century…cars today almost drive themselves…I would think this technology would improve in 400 years… It’s shocking that the writing, producing and directing can be this horrible.

      • It is not a scifi series anymore, is justa soap opera with women ruling and men as idiots (or homosexuals)… Its just about tears, feelings, sex and relations. Whomever the fuck did this to startrek they ruined it for good and forever. Discovery destroyed ST.

  • STD is an “STD”…..if you know what i mean….it’s like that female version of ghostbuster that flopped… STD we have nothing but homosexuals and negroes running the show, like THAT would ever happen in reality

  • WHY IS THE “BURN” called “THE BURN”……why not call it the Michael BURNam or wtf ever her name is …but seriously…..who is the three year old that chose that namer for it ?????

  • I just started to watch Star Trek discovery and I am now on season 2 episode 7. The charecters on this series are just so unlikeable and self centered so i am not sure if i can force myself to keep watching, hoping for something better. It just doesnt feel like a STARK TREK series. I hope they cancel it soon and start from scratch.

  • Fuck this show, and everyone involved in it. As far as most Star Trek fans are concerned, “Kurtzman trek” is non canon.

    Hey author, stop equivocating like a bitch to the same type of people that are ruining this franchise. Diversity IS a problem when it’s one of the main criterion during casting.

  • I am so disappointed with STD, lets get that out there, disappointment being the actual word. So, so much promise but padded out with millennial bullcrap it is cringey to watch.
    I disagree with the OP that the overall plot is good and I want to understand and follow that.
    I think it is a gender and diversity thing which is ruining it. Having LGBTQ+ characters is not an issue, but why, why why, do we need it ramming down our necks I do not understand. In episode 8, there are 2 separate scenes where we are discussing pronouns. Ok if you want it in there (personally I think its better left unsaid) then fine, but why blend it up and force feed it is just lazy.
    Then there is Michaels character, which originally i thought was a great addition and how they tied up the tricky bit of canon with Spock, but if she gives one more motivational speech and completely contradicts herself I am going to scream. Also the fact that whenever anyone else gives a motivational speech the look in her eyes like she is actually having an orgasm is ludicrous.
    They did this in the first half of season 2, then all of a sudden it seemed to go as if someone had actually got involved who realised no one like it. All of a sudden its back with a vengeance in season 3.
    Its like they get so far into an episode and someone goes, we need a intense speech from someone, or failing that an LGBTQ+ moment. WHY? Just go to another planet and wrestle some Romulans, or Q turns up, that’s what we actually want!
    I will continue to watch STD but it has now become habit rather than enjoyment..

  • I know this is a two year article, but it still rings true at the closing of 2020. ST:D has gone from bad to worse. First off, Michael. She’s the FURTHEST thing away from both a Vulcan and a Star Fleet officer. She turns her back repeatedly on the Federation, her emotions are off the scale. Not reminiscent of someone who was supposedly raised a Vulcan. She’s a sub-par actress as it is, and this role only makes her acting worse.

    Secondly, Klingons. Why? Why rewrite something that worked? There was NOTHING wrong with the TNG style Klingons.

    Thirdly, art direction. They do a good job at making this seem “big budget”. But it’s all fluff and no substance. From the ships to the scenes, it all feels contrived. Much like everything in ST:D, it’s just different to be different and it fails. Miserably.

    Fourthly, I’m all for inclusiveness. But Star Trek as a whole (ST:D, Picard) seems to be pushing inclusiveness at a cost for story. I don’t want t hem to be inclusive if it feels contrived, they could have made it more inclusive without it making it feel like pandering. (And that’s coming from me, a gay man.)

    ST:D’s fetish for Michael is ruining the show. They’re concentrating on their failed lead and it is only hurting. And add to the extremely poor character progression, it makes for a very dull feeling series.

    ST:D and Picard are telling me to care when I feel nothing. I have no vested interest in the characters as they’ve given me nothing to care about. Even Picard in which I grew up watching as captain of the Enterprise. He just comes off as a frail “help me!” old man who relies on everyone around him. Quite the contrast to the Picard of old. Granted, he is older and needs more help now that the Federation has turned their backs to him. But it’s less of a “I’m Picard who used to do things on my own and need a little extra hand now” and more of “I’m old and feeble, change me!”.

    Especially when watching “The Mandalorian”, I’m irked as that’s a good show. And I’m not even into Star Wars but the character progression, story, it all feels like it’s going somewhere. Even with action, it has substance.

    I’m just fed up of bad acting and story being passed off as something good. Get rid of Michael, concentrate on the only character that has some semblance of progression (Saru) and maybe it’ll turn out to be an “Ok” show. I don’t see this happening, as it seems they’re stuck on watching their failed Michael crash and burn for “reasons”.

    I’m over it.

    • Most negative reviewers for STD on IMDB are complaining about Michael crying and whispering. Idk, it feels like Hollywood went mad. With patience of a maniac singing their mantra: White men bed, women strong, white men stupid, women smart charming creative etc….
      Don’t they see that they became a joke? Or maybe they still count on most their customers so stupid and not notice this pattern while their viewers obediently let Hollywood into their pockets.
      There is something very interesting and most definitely true about humanity: the need to worship. And even those who are worshiping being 200% faithless don’t notice how they elevate something that becomes their object of worship. Social justice has become a god of Hollywood. And it is way past religion, it is a hardcore cult where group suicide will be done any day now. Chinese virus will speedup this process, making people picky, less likely to spend their money on shows and movies.
      I was really excited for several shows in the last 5 years. Some of my highest interests were STD Westworld s2-3 and Watchmen. Needless to say that seeing like one of them flopped, reading how terrible are the other ones, I gave up on these supposedly best shows of our time. Here is my new religion: not paying a dime to these hacks.

    • First, I agree the writing is horrible. They struggle with continuity and referencing old, bad Star Trek memorabilia in en effort to “force” the franchise.
      Second who the heck are the producers? They are perpetuating a fraud and insulting the integrity of all those before them. Why anyone would want to party to the fraud is beyond comprehension.
      Last is a terrible exercise in forced diversity and lost the attention of your core-demographics of fans. What a stupid business decision.

  • Late to the game. Just started watching STD Season One. I’m a lifetime ST fan, have even watched shooting on the Voyager set & met the cast. I am profoundly disappointed to the point of disbelief. Shallow, cartoonish plot development, cliche dialog and wooden characters, mindless adversaries and a silly spore drive. The main character is not believable. It reeks of PC self-awareness. It relies on excellent graphics and sets to distract from an ocean of flaws. Don’t care about any of these characters. And when did mutant Orcs become troglodyte Klingons? Bad dialog and bad acting. As a loyal ST fan it’s insulting. But then I’m probably was not in the target audience. Honestly, I think “The Expanse” is far more interesting.

    • “I think “The Expanse” is far more interesting.”
      Are you serious? You “think”?
      I’d trade 10 seasons of STD for a single season of Expanse any day!
      Hell, I’d even trade those 10 seasons for just another season of Dark Matter. 😢

  • I have been ST fan since I watched the original series as a kid. STD has got to be the worst. Bad acting, and for the most part I can’t relate to anyone on the show. It annoys me that at times they hammer a giant wedge into the dialogue to pay lip service to some social topic which has no place being there. It’s like let’s stick this in here so we appear relevant, instead of just concentrating on making a good show. I had high hopes for this show only to have them dashed to pieces like a human/Klingon hybrid body thingy. I’ve been punishing myself through watching the latest season 3 but with one eye only, always hoping it’s going to be good but it’s not going to be is it? Last comment I promise. Michael’s romantic relationships are always crap. We may as well be watching two bags of sand talking about the weather. Please, if you can hear me STD. Just Stop! If you insist then just hire 2 bags of sand. It will be just as entertaining and cheaper in the long run.

  • Hi. For me, what really annoyed me was how quickly Burnham dropped her Vulcan cultural upbringing to turn into another whiney human. OK, looking at this from.The far.side of the third.season, but come on! A bit of internal conflict between her human nature and her Vulcan childhood should have been apparent. And she made far.too many decisions based on gut emotion.lot
    We.didn’t need the wokey bits either

  • They took a huge Non Binary Star and rammed it up Roddenberry’s Arse
    STD Sexually Transmitted Disease

  • I just tried watching season three episode 11 it’s just pure evil I am so sick of this show being dark and ugly. So we have homosexuals, some mutant captain ugly as heck and a high five sickening crew that has now been written by the writers to just be pure evil. I can’t watch this crap it’s for the violent fools of the world they can eat it up… this is definitely nothing Star Trek what an embarrassment

    • You dont Know what You are taliknig about. Star Trek Discovery is THE VERY BEST of all Star Trek series. – Its just take some time to ajust to a updated Star Trek. – And about the gay couple… – Well I Dislike That every tv-serie and movie has at least one gay or lesbian couple.. Because it is a overrepresentation.. — But in STD I did see the good acting and the love and sweetness among those to guys. – Its not ugly at all…. – And for all You STD haters, You can celebrate – After season 5 There will be no more. — And Thats not cause its bad — it is because PARAMOUNT cant pay for all the expensive effects… ——- And dont forget .. While talking about BAD STAR TREK… I can mention a few……. STRANGE NEW WORLDS sucks! – The whole last episode, all of the crew did sing songs non stop. WTF??? — Are they TOTALLY MAAD?? — And Star Trek Deep Space Nine is also TERRIBLE! —- The Next Generation is hardly worth to watch in 2023. — Even thou i loved it in 1980s !

  • I am truly trying to give this show a chance but more than anything, I am just bored. I can’t even tell you many of the characters names and I am almost through season 2. I don’t care for Michael and the reveal of the Red Angel was such a let down. I do like Pike, Tilly, Saru and the smaller, supporting bridge crew characters, even if they just get one-liners or awkward closeups. I don’t like the messing with canon but if Michael was raised by Sarek, where is Sybok? I mean, I could go on but I don’t like to rant. I truly am trying to like it but it just seems manic, unfocused and yet boring.

  • I forced myself in a masochistic mode, I`m currently few episodes from finishing the third season and I have to say that I feel physical pain watching it.
    Really – feminazi/fag/whoknowswhat propaganda?! Genderbender freaks?! No problem with various alien types in SF, but destroying the Klingons?!? Unfockinforgivable!!!
    For me personally, Pike was the real star, Phillipa is acceptable, but the crew sucks, and especially the blatant castrating of males.
    As expected after Nettleflex canceling The Punisher, but not at this scale.
    Incurable STD.

    • There’s way too much fiction out of Hollywood that is anti-male today. That’s the biggest thing that bothered me about The Last Jedi (among many other things). All the males were painted as foolish idiots who couldn’t do anything right while the women always there to insult them. It’s a disgusting attitude towards men that needs to end.

      • I’m still trying unsuccessfully to watch that movie, and this coming from a Star wars fan. After they killed Han, fock it.
        About “women” in science fiction – STAY AWAY FROM IT! Do your on soapies and similar idiotic shite, just be far far away from this!
        I quit watching movies and series, now of I feel the urge for that, I’ll turn to those from 30+ years ago.

  • There is so much wrong with this show that after a lifetime of Trekking ( I am 57 years old) I can no longer watch this woke drivel! Why is sexuality such an integral part of Trek? Are the going to paint the USS Discovery in the rainbow Gay Pride colors? And why are there only two token straight men? Why is every power position held by a female? Are men really that useless in the future? (Unless you are a gay man that is) Why do supposedly militarily trained crew members feel the need to explore their emotions before making any decision or taking action? Why does the Vulcan trained Burnam seem to be the least in control of emotions and need to cry in EVERY episode? After being a faithful Trekkie I can no longer stomach this woke crap! Kevin from Canada

  • STD works.

    Woke, boohoo. It ain’t 1950 anymore princess. O.o
    Inclusive, yes. Welcome to the future. That’s right, you’ll be dead. 🙂
    Klingons, terrible customs, but their attitude is awesome.
    Michael Burna, no. Spock had 1 half-brother. Adopted Saavik and Burna are not siblings. They’re adopted, not siblings.
    I have a speech dialog, no. It’s nauseating.

    Kirk kissed Uhura in TOS! Revolutionary. Kirk was a decease-spreading sex animal.
    Riker bedded Troi in TNG. Over and over. Straight sex is the hallmark of Star Trek. Not anymore boomer and karen.
    Janeway fucked Chakotay in Voy. Where’s the out-rage by boomer and karen! Hypocrites, that’s right. Go to the grass already.

    STD works but it’s bad writing. Actors are acting, but they can’t make the bad writing work.

    Get new writers.

  • ABSOLUTE WORST STAR TREK EVER!!! I have been a fan since the first episode when Capt Pike beamed down to the Forbidden Planet. The show is more of a social statement than entertainment. They have violated all that made Star Trek great!!! Characters are BORING and ANNOYING!!!! Only 36% fan approval and they are still producing the same garbage over and over again.

  • I love all things Star Trek. I grew up with it.
    Initially, I loved Star Trek Discovery, because it was a new Star Trek franchise. I was in TV heaven. But then after a couple of shows I started to dislike what I was watching. I thought I was being fussy and tried really hard to give it a chance, but I just could not bring myself to watch any further than the end of the first series. It was so bad it made me profoundly sad.

    Please, in the name of all that is decent, stop ruining Star Trek. Cancel this terrible attempt at a proper Star Trek series. Get some new writers in. Make them watch TOS, TNG and VOY (several times) and create something very much like all of those. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE TRYING TO BE ORIGINAL – YOU WIL RUIN IT. It’s simple. The ratings will go through the roof.

    What are you waiting for?

    • As I have watched 4 seasons of this now and persevered through all the touchy feely garbage that seems to take up more and more of this program, I think I can honestly conclude that this was a great idea dreadfully executed.

      We get flashes of brilliance usually when the characters are following the main story line but they increasingly lengthy and agonising periods of expressions of emotions and feelings between characters becomes ever more nauseating. WHY ? Why fill it full of so much crap ?

      Then we get to season 4, essentially a descent story line completely destroyed by more and more touch feely stuff, broken script lines lacking continuity and interspersed with absolutely awful “Ready Room episodes that utterly destroy what remains of the illusion of the story.

      I am convinced that a 12 year old could better direct this story than has been achieved with star trek discovery.

      Such a missed opportunity to create something great by padding it with meaningless garbage.

  • Not enough sci-fi in this version of Star Trek. Every cut to the engine room idsn’t a dive into how the propulsion system works, but another time-wasting whining session about how they’re being persecuted for their sexual preferences. Once in awhile is a good reminder that being gay is ok, but those characters play the victim roles EVERY.GODDAMMED.WEEK!

    • To be honest, the over hyped gay and transgender wokness has ruined star trek. Making women important, making Asians and blacks important are awesome. But we were never best over the head every episode that that was the case. We are being beat over the head that gayness and trans gender ness is awesome and that we all need to bow down to this. Please, stop trying to brow beat everyone to your views.

  • sigh. It is so f*cking painful to watch. I only watch it because I love Roddenberry’s vision. But after watching S04E09…far out…its so unrealistic I am no longer watching it anymore.
    Is everyone forgetting that Starfleet is also a defence force modelled around the militaries we know today. So when Burnham is sent on a possibly offensive mission to stop her lover (AT ALL COSTS) from blowing up a super powerful black hole designed by aliens far superior than us that may result in the entire federation being wiped out, she’d rather cop 20 quantum torpedoes from her lover and smile and say “hes just saying hi” without destroying him. She has hundreds of people under her command on the ship and she’ll happily sacrifice their lives for the sake of her boyfriend? ITS SO F*CKING UNREALISTIC PATHETIC DUMB SJW…
    Kirk would’ve blown the f*cker to hell after a few warnings. So would’ve Picard. There are 10000 more examples of how retarded the show is. I’m out.
    PS THe crying omg…when does Burnham ever NOT cry in the show. Imagine Picard sobbing in every ep? You’d literally puke in disgust.

    • 40 minutes talking about feelings and about 8 minutes talking about whatever bullshit anomaly (because it’s always some anomaly) and how to make friends with it..oh a 2 minutes of them looking at each other and smiling

  • 100% pushing the rainbow agenda.
    it’s completely disgusting. I showed my wife and shes not a trekkie at all the first thing she said was….why is everyone acting gay?
    It’s CBS it’s the gay network. The doctor…only shows up to make out with another guy. then mumbles some stupid line and disapears. Don’t you think the doctor should be doing doctor stuff. Another disgusting. A female captain named Michael. comon man, the show failed so hard in so many ways, They should have just put it 0n radio only, got rid of the over billed cast and rolled with it. epic fail after epic fail. the cast looked puffy, out of shape, the acting was terrible. the list goes on and on.
    just get it off the air. No star trek is better than what ever this was.
    this was the gay mafia trying to force the agenda. Biden agenda 100%
    a fool surrounded by fools.

  • every episdoe is a gay love story no offence but way too much of it its star trek ffs not a gay pride empoweremnt

    • Season 4, everybody cries on every episode. Searching feelings about the next mission. Really!!! That’s not star trek !!!

  • I agree with your critique about the Original Series, but I have never seen Discovery.
    Star Trek was about how far humanity has come from the wretched 20th and 21st centuries.
    (From the Savage Curtain)
    Abraham Lincoln : [interrupting] What a charming negress. Oh, forgive me, my dear. I know that in my time some use that term as a description of property.
    Uhura : But why should I object to that term, sir? You see, in our century, we’ve learned not to fear words.
    Captain Kirk : May I present out communications officer, Lt. Uhura
    Abraham Lincoln : The foolishness of my century had me apologizing where no offense was given
    Captain Kirk : We’ve each learned to be delighted with what we are. The Vulcans learned that centuries before we did
    Mr. Spock : it is basic to the Vulcan philosophy sir, the combination of a number of things to make existence worthwhile.

    It is truly a shame that so many are looking for the recognition and acceptance of others when they should really be looking inward for recognition and acceptance of themselves.

  • was it written by the people who did live action dragon ball? just as bad and gives off those vibes. also tilly makes people want to punch babies. tried to get back into it when i heard shes gone but nope… they couldnt save it at all. [;us pretty clear the actors and writers are a woken token elitist team that buys their way.

  • Frankly, I can look past most bad acting and stupid character development, but what I can’t stand is the utter and complete lack of REAL intelligence in the show.

    For instance: look at the spore drive, and the new spore drive on Booker’s ship. The Federations needs to retain the original and the stolen one because they have no duplicates of it. Do you see the level of moronhood here? What ever happened to writing shit down? You know, like plans and schematics, so a given product can be duplicated? They act like it is so hard to duplicate shit in this show. Now, how does that compare to our day and age? We can duplicate ANYHTING we have created because we have the plans and schematics to do so. However, we are expected to believe the Big Fantastic Federation, with all the super intelligence crew members, including the pretensive engineering crew members, and the, supposedly, superior intelligent Vulcans, with their superior logic, are somehow lacking the intelligent capacity to do so. What’s wrong with that picture?

    It means, that Paramount expects us all to dumb ourselves way down into oblivion in order to make Star Trek Discovery believable. I am sick and tired of doing that in order to make this younger generation feel smart. They aren’t! All I see is the dumbest generation on Earth ARROGANTLY presuming their intelligence is superior to their elder generations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Even though I don’t judge those who hate modern “Star Trek,” “Discovery” and “Picard” are OK “Star Trek” shows for me. The good thing, however, about the former’s first-ever episode is this: a “Power Rangers” alum–Chris Violette, who potrayed B-Squad Blue Ranger Sky Tate in “Power Rangers SPD”–was in it. Honestly, I do hope for a “Power Rangers/Star Trek” comic book crossover.

  • LOL. What a bunch of whiny babies. TOS was all about breaking down barriers and overthrowing the bigoted social order of the day and giving the under represented in society a voice and role models.

    Well it’s 2023 and all the whiny MAGA tards are doing the same BS that people in the 60s did when Kirk kissed Uhura.

    You guys are the problem, not Star Trek Discovery, which is a kick ass show!

    LOL MAGA Tears!!!

  • I can understand your disappointment with the show’s character development and plot. Quality storytelling is crucial. It’s good to know you found the actress playing the captain compelling, though. Constructive criticism can help the series improve.

  • Agreed with most points above. My other thing is every single show and plot Michael always and almost solely solves the issues. Balance the characters and knowledge. How come she knows more about science and medical issues than the science officer or medical. Hard to relate when only one character is propped up to make others look irrelevant. Even when they try to build a character in the show always comes back to her shadowing everyone. Watched so of them and always comes back to the same thing Michael can solve everything and the only one who can save everyone and humanity. Really??? Plus she is not really a great actor, actually many others on the show are better.

  • Now finishing season 3. Wow…I just can’t stand it, but keep hoping it will have improve. The main character, Michael Burnam, is an emotional wreck. She is a Commander but was dressed down an Ensign? Do the writers have the first clue about chain of command? And this Ensign, Tilley, has to be the most annoying characters in the entire franchise. A character with diarrhea of the mouth and the emotional maturity of a 12 year old Valley Girl. Her crewmates roll their eyes, while I want to duct tape her mouth shut. And why she is the focus of so much attention is beyond my ken.
    There isn’t a single likeable character in the entire crew. And the only one with any spine and spunk is the Terran Empress.

    The overwrought emotional melodrama is both vapid and exhausting. I don’t want people brought back from the dead. I don’t care about their relationships or gender roles. I don’t care about pronouns. I don’t care about the interpersonal relationships of crewmates. Just stop. Plus all the weeping and crying and hysteria from a command officer? Please. It’s ridiculous. They all seem to be in desperate need of psychiatric re-evaluation.
    Having diverse characters is a good thing. But when it becomes an in your face agenda I tune out. These characters are supposed to be professional military academy graduates, not burbling, emotionally untethered, cry-babies. I do not read or watch SF to be deluged with interpersonal relationships, blithering emotionally overwrought command officers who regularly cry and cannot make the hard call, or put their own personal feelings ahead of the safety of the crew.
    Someone posted on Reddit that the problem with Discovery is that the writers seem to hate Star Trek. Truer words.

  • The sense of really TV show exisits in Star Trek. The character of Michael Burnham take decisions without explaining. Your review is really helpful for Star Trek lovers.

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