We live in a world all too happy to take a dump on your head and tell you it’s raining chocolate. Your reaction to this situation will determine how you will be treated next time. You can ignore it, lick it or beat their butt.

I’ve decided to jack up the next jerk who swings his jungle jim towards my sister. I wanna be the good guy but my back hurts from being walked on. Good guys finish last for a good reason: they are not prepared to kick ass at a moment’s notice.

They must be pushed and punched and pummeled until they get the message—which was clear from the very start. Power only respects power. And at that moment Raj rose up and beat down the bully of his village. No one ever looked at him the same way again. Even his close friends were a bit weary of him.

A small price to pay for the right to stand.

Mark Antony Rossi
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